A Splash through Halleluya Chorale.

HALLELUYA CHORALE was the third part of the “Halleluya Series” which basically featured choir groups with the theme: The Cross

The Halleluya Episodes is divinely orchestrated by God through the help of the Holy Spirit inspiring the vision as she grows.

By the special grace of God, we did have all our esteemed guest minister to and blessed lives at the above concert as we raised extraordinary praises and worship to God. We do look forward to always bringing you the best i n our times as God duly directs and upholds us in this ministry.

  • Stay with us
  • Grow with us
  • Invest in us
  • Be part of us
  • Ride with us
  • Dive in with us
  • We are worth your while
  • God bless us all

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