Ways To Live Your DREAM

You are not created equal. And you wouldn’t want to be! You are something far better than equal.

You are Unique.

No one has ever walked the earth with your exact combination of inborn and acquired strengths, weakness, skills, foibles, talents, frailties, and experiences. The synergy of all these forces is what makes you strictly one of a kind; an original. And this mixture is the source of your power, providing all the raw materials you need to become a star.

I challenge you to become a star you already are. I promise to make you aware of the many gifts you possess. I won’t tell you that living the life you’ve always dreamed of is easy. In fact, it can be darn hard work. But will show you a chock-full of the possibilities already within your grasp, offered to you in the form of personal anecdotes, useful tips, and stimulating exercises. Use it as a road map.

Some of my stories and commentaries will be unexpected, out of the ordinary, and definitely different. When you do the accompanying exercise, use your imagination, open your mind , and express yourself. My purpose is to expose you to the myriad ways you can become your best self while discovering and enjoying your star power. I’ll provide the guidance. You provide the guts. Together we’ll discover the gifts.
These gifts can help you increase joy, peace, love, harmony and success in your life. Happiness and success depend on your determination and dedication to create your own present and future.

We design our own lifestyle! I heartily disagree in the message that if one is on “his or her own” path the road should be easy. Living the dream, becoming successful, and building integrity means you show up and are willing to put in time, energy, effort, and hard work necessary to achieve your goals. I have had some extraordinary experiences, met incredible people, found myself in exotic places for little or no coast, and enjoyed amazing opportunities, all because I was willing to take risks, ask questions, fall down, make mistakes and follow through on promises. You can do it too! One tool that helped me immensely is storytelling. I have always felt that I learned more swiftly and easily by listening to true tales of trial blazers, by also sharing examples of my real-life experiences.

Through the ages, wise story tellers have reawakened the inner spirit of their listeners and inspired them to explore new territories. Stories allow us to dream and gives us the courage to act upon our dreams. Stories help us discover and remember meaningful information. A story informs us by synthesizing complex issues, ambiguous situations and opposing forces. Stories can challenge conventional wisdom, showing us people who deviate from traditional practices and produce breakthrough results.
My goal is to offer you tantalizing new possibilities for excellence through the stories that will come up in different issues of this blog/site. The stories are all true. My hope is that these stories won’t end with the telling, but will inspire your own ideas and insights so you go on to live your own stories, based on your own unique gifts.
It doesn’t matter whether your stories come from growing up in a loving family or from a difficult childhood. Today you are taking a giant step towards creating positive life experience because you are the writer, producer, director and star of your own life. You can live your dreams. We have been told we are created in the image and likeness of God. God is great, God is magnificent, and, therefore We are great and magnificent. We are enough. We are Stars.

Still here? Okay

  1. You must smile.
  2. You must have fun
  3. You must be willing to be wild and crazy

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